Monday, April 8, 2013

short story

in the jungles of africa far from and human life, where beautiful flowers grow wild and free lived a geraffe named pica. she was tall and knock-kneed and a little bit shy, but still a nice girl. Her best friend was a rhino named Huey he was big, tuff and had this booming voice that was hard to ignore. But she brought out his gentle side and he protected her from the dangers of the jungle.
One day pica and Huey were walking to their secret watering hole, and found something odd. The fruit trees had been picked and nearly wiped clean besides a few fallen to the ground. But they looked past it thinking it might have been the monkeys that showed up time to didn't matter anyway they were already taking in the beautiful view if the watering hole. It was like a picture with its sparkling blue water with little Lilly's on it and the small waterfall at the back that flowed so peacefully into the glassy water below. Along with the canopy of the green leafs above letting just the right amount of light in.
The two drank and floated in the clear waters calming and relaxing them selfs when out of nowhere pica had a rope around her neck and snout and Huey had one around his horn and left leg. It was such a quiet attack the humans came out if no where. Pica was told the pale two legged creatures never can around this part of the jungle.
Next thing the two of them knew they where in a box together and pica had a little pink floral bow on he head. They had been captured and brought to a traveling circus! They where so scared that Huey let out a giant roar to try and get the people's attention. They were carted around from stage to stage being let out in front of this thing that looked like the watering hole, they just wanted to go back and they didn't know how.
One night they where back in Africa and they knew this from the wise old orangoutang that traveled with them so they planned there escape. As pica pranced around on the stage one last time Huey fought himself loose back stage and went charging, he ran as hard as he could breaking through the fake watering hole and past the cruel two leg animals picking up pica on his back and through the other side of the tent all in one burst. He let pica down and they ran for miles trying to get back to their family's. for days they wondered until, at last! They made it back to the cover of the beautiful flowers of the deep jungle. From that day on pica and Huey vowed never to go back to the secret watering hole no matter how pretty it was it was not worth loosing the jungle they loved as they had before.


  1. I really enjoyed your story about Pica and Huey. Your writing style makes it very easy to connect with the animals. I'm glad there was a happy ending!

  2. I loved your story :D It was really cute(and sad at points)and very descriptive!

  3. happy endings:) i like giraffes and i enjoyed your story, good job tara!