Friday, March 30, 2012

I am doing Betsey Johnson for my table setting. I picked her because she started my interest is design and fashion. The  first thing i made was my bowl it is almost like a little egg chair but it has buttons all over it and I'm going to glaze it in some crazy colors. It was a little annoying to attach all the buttons but I'm glad i did because it looks pretty cool, at least I think it does. Second i am making my cup that is supposed to look like a bow on its side (picture below) I have to figure out how to make sure the ends of the ribbon don't snap off when it dries. it has been fun so far and i cant wait to see my finished project!
Our metals unit is over :( I made a piece that looks like a butterfly on a leaf. the bottom is brass then the leaf is copper and the butterfly is silver. It was so hard to cut out the little rain drop cut outs in the brass and the cut outs in the leaf but i love how it turned out! The one major issue i had was putting on the butterfly, it wouldn't sotter on i tried so many times (we ended up just gluing it). All the heat did turn it a great color though. This unit was so much fun and I hope I can take it again next year!