Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Final Post

Its the end of creative arts for this year :( It has been such a fun year in that class though. I think I have improved in every form of art we did this year, from drawing and sketching to clay and metals. I would have never thought that I could draw a self portrait of my self. That was probably one of the most stressful things we did this year. It was so exact every little detail had to be in the right place or it threw the whole thing off. but I finished and it was such a great feeling! I had some issues with my metals to. My butterfly refused to stay on, we had to glue it but all the soldering turned it a cool color. Next was the clay. It took forever and my bow ribbons kept breaking but I figured it out, and my plate is awesome to it broke a little two including the bottom of my needle right as I finished glazing it. It was a little annoying it broke right then but it looks pretty good and I'm happy with my table setting. I never would have thought at the beginning of this year that would have accomplished everything that I have. the class the teacher and the atmosphere in the class is just fun and open and its just a place to be open and express yourself. I cant wait to take it again next year!!!