Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The final post

I can't believe my time in creative arts and high school are just a week from being over... Creative arts is one of the greatest classes I ever took, it taught me so much. It helped me learn and grow from the shy little freshman I was in art effects that was a little scared to show her finished work because she thought people wouldn't like it to the big bad, well maybe not so big senior I am today who is working on portfolios to show the world and a book with some crazy little drawings in it that every one will see, and I'm not scared to show it off cause I like what I have created and it makes me happy. This whole process could have gone a lot differently though if I didn't have the same awesome teacher for the three years I had art. She helped me so much and alway introduced me and every other one of her students to some new and interesting stuff always with a bit of pep in her step. So I would just like to say thanks. As I said before the art at hths is almost over for me and I will miss it so much along with the friends made there and the memories. I feel I have grown so much from dinky little drawings into whole mixed media pieces and full tea clay tea sets and metal pieces. To anyone who never took and art class or blew art off as stupid you never know until you try and I'm sure you too would truly love it as I do and alway will. It's a short life and it goes by too fast, so make the most of every moment. 
With love,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

final slide show

as my Senior year comes to an end so does creative arts, here's a slide shoe of my art throughout the year hope you like it...