Monday, November 5, 2012

1st marking period finished?

Even with a few delays the first marking period has flown by so quick... It was a great start to my senior year i got to start papers for my book (picture above) i trying to stay a little more neutral then i usually do for my book but we will see if i can keep it up. And i just finished my project for Marist, I hope i get in! All the extra time in first period really helped me out. But i cant wait to start lanterns i think they are going to be pretty awesome when they are done and i cant wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

Mixed Media!

We are starting Mixed media again! and even though some people hate it i love it, and i love how my collage turned out. we needed to pick a presidential candidate and an issue and i chose Obama and bringing the troops home. I chose them one because i wanted to use the picture from when i met Obama and two because i have quite a few cousins and close family friends in the army and i want to see them safe and home. But back to my collage i started with matt transfers for the base and then just layers of paint and peeling off of presidents faces to finish. i think the colors are great and i think i get my opinions across. take a look for your self.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shoes and more shoes

So this year instead of apples we drew something that didn't rot oh so quickly. We drew shoes! I think they where a little harder then the apples, they had more detail I guess, and we had allot more space to cover on a full sheet of paper then the half sheet in last years books. but over all it was a fun time and i think mine turned out pretty well even though i had some issues with the shading because i didn't know how dark to make it all. what do you think...

Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey everyone I'm starting my last year here at HTHS and I'm so excited to be back in creative arts!!! Last year was so much fun and i bet this year will be even better! I'm hoping this year to expand my portfolio and just have fun in my last year. So stay logged in if you want to see what I create :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Final Post

Its the end of creative arts for this year :( It has been such a fun year in that class though. I think I have improved in every form of art we did this year, from drawing and sketching to clay and metals. I would have never thought that I could draw a self portrait of my self. That was probably one of the most stressful things we did this year. It was so exact every little detail had to be in the right place or it threw the whole thing off. but I finished and it was such a great feeling! I had some issues with my metals to. My butterfly refused to stay on, we had to glue it but all the soldering turned it a cool color. Next was the clay. It took forever and my bow ribbons kept breaking but I figured it out, and my plate is awesome to it broke a little two including the bottom of my needle right as I finished glazing it. It was a little annoying it broke right then but it looks pretty good and I'm happy with my table setting. I never would have thought at the beginning of this year that would have accomplished everything that I have. the class the teacher and the atmosphere in the class is just fun and open and its just a place to be open and express yourself. I cant wait to take it again next year!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I am doing Betsey Johnson for my table setting. I picked her because she started my interest is design and fashion. The  first thing i made was my bowl it is almost like a little egg chair but it has buttons all over it and I'm going to glaze it in some crazy colors. It was a little annoying to attach all the buttons but I'm glad i did because it looks pretty cool, at least I think it does. Second i am making my cup that is supposed to look like a bow on its side (picture below) I have to figure out how to make sure the ends of the ribbon don't snap off when it dries. it has been fun so far and i cant wait to see my finished project!
Our metals unit is over :( I made a piece that looks like a butterfly on a leaf. the bottom is brass then the leaf is copper and the butterfly is silver. It was so hard to cut out the little rain drop cut outs in the brass and the cut outs in the leaf but i love how it turned out! The one major issue i had was putting on the butterfly, it wouldn't sotter on i tried so many times (we ended up just gluing it). All the heat did turn it a great color though. This unit was so much fun and I hope I can take it again next year!

Friday, January 20, 2012


The metals are going pretty well so far! I finished cutting my butterfly shape first (picture below). My design is inspired by a butterfly on a leaf with dew drops/ rain around it. All the pieces are in the picture below.The sawing is hard and a little annoying when the blade breaks but I bet the soldering will be fun. I think that the rest of the metals experience will be fun it will challenging but interesting so I'm excited for the rest!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

identity collage

my identity collage is one of my favorite things I have done so far, I love the colors I used and what the things Incorporated into it mean to me. The picture in the back of it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Not just because of the glasses my dad is wearing but because this was taken right after I had been on the beach all day and I got burned like a lobster... but the collage itself is fun and interesting at least I think it is all the fabrics, drawings, colors and techniques I used mean something to me and that's why I love this piece.

self portrait

I think my self portrait turned out pretty great it actually kinda looks like me!!! (my picture is posted below). It was so hard to get the drawing to look like me. People who draw portraits for a living have have some tallent. Making my own paint color and inking where a little more relaxing. It was great to see it all come together. when you finish something like my portrait that took you so long and that you worked so hard on it gives you a great feeling. I hope everyone else thinks it looks like me!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Robert Rauschenberg image
i like this painting because of the colors and the use of the clocks how they look like they are almost slipping through time within the painting. i also see almost an evolution like it has a story running though it as you look at it.

i love this sculpture because it is so simple but so different. the neon lights surrounding it give it great color and the fact that they are real bikes with some parts changed out lights in there place seems so fun and creative to me.

Robert Rauschenberg

I like Robert because he is colorful and abstract. he uses mixed media to convey his point. i like how he mixes his sculpting and painting skills to show what was going on in his time period.
      Robert Rauschenberg was born on October 22, 1925 in Port Arthur, Texas  to Dora and Ernest Rauschenburg.  he attended multiple art schools  Kansas City Art Institute Académie Julian Black Mountain College Art Students League of New York because he wanted to be free to create and expand his ideas. after he graduated he married Susan Weil in 1950 and they had a son Christopher. in his art career he was refereed to as in the gap between art and life which meant his pieces question the difference between art objects and everyday objects. he influenced his son to become a photographer and is still a cherished artist by many especially his son and second partner Darryl Pottorf who still hold art shows and exhibits with his art after his death at the age of 82 from heart failer from his own decision to go off his respirator in 2008.
       if find that Robert founded the experiments in art and technology a nonprofit organization that promotes collaborations between artists and engineers so that artists can see the technicalities of art and incorporate it in there work and also so engineers can be a little more creative and inventive in there work. i find this interesting because it is a different collaboration of people but they work together to help both fields of work.